• Using Your Competition to Reach Rank #1

    Competition is key to SEO, ironically. Without any competition, no one would feel the need to take their marketing skills to the next level.

    These days, everyone seeks the position of #1 in Google’s ranking algorithm. Doing so secures you the largest possible amount of traffic. Doing so isn’t as easy as it used to be.

    While you should have your own strategies, you can use your competitors’ strategies against them too.

    Let’s take a look, shall we?

    Competitor Analysis – Content and Strategies

    Competitor analysis allows you to view the type of content that your competitors use the most as well as the style of strategies that they are utilizing. Once you know all of this, you can see what strategies are working well for them and which ones are not.

    You can also check out what kinds of content get the most results out of their target audience. Since your target audience should be the same or quite similar to theirs, the same content types should work for you as well. Conduct a website audit in order to craft a well-informed action plan.

    Competitor Analysis – Keyword Optimization

    You can also learn your competition’s exact ranking with every keyword through the use of these competitor analysis tools. Once you have learned this, you will know which of their keywords are vulnerable and easily stolen.

    Remember that these rankings will change quite often so you need to recheck every once in a while. Make sure to keep your own keywords very well ranked too so that your opponents will not be able to steal them in the same manner.

    Don’t Just Blindly Copy!

    Sometimes, your competitors will have content and keywords that don’t fit your specific business. You must ensure that whatever strategies you use are up to standard and make sense.

    On top of that, do watch out for plagiarism. While it is okay to take someone’s strategy, it is not okay to copy their words. You must create your own content! There are SEO services out there that help you with this. Find out how much SEO agencies charge here.


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