• Indeed, if WhatsApp is designed with outstanding features, it still needs numerous significant variations that people may want; this is where the GB WhatsApp apk comes in. WhatsApp lacks colorful features like being unfitted to see deleted textbooks, catching the retired status of druggies & Themes. GBWhatsApp Download 2022 new interpretation is packaged with all those advanced features.

    GB WhatsApp heymods is a volition and modified interpretation for WhatsApp druggies, or we can say a mod from the original WhatsApp operation. It expands all the parcels that WhatsApp has and also that the original operation may warrant. Up till now, numerous other tweaked performances of WhatsApp have been introduced, for illustration, WhatsApp plus, Yo WhatsApp, and FM WhatsApp.

    All of these include numerous characteristics that sanctioned operation lacks. GB WhatsApp is a runner app that's veritably analogous to the original App. It consists of the contracted lines that can be unofficial to the rules of the original WhatsApp operation, but it has numerous boosted functions.

    It provides veritably accessible and profitable functions with endless customization. It protects the stoner’s sequestration and lets him enjoy multitudinous features. It supports multiple accounts.

    Background of GBWhatsapp Apk

    GB WhatsApp apk is firstly a mod of the original WhatsApp operation. It was developed by a elderly member of XDA (a forum for android inventors) named Has.007. Utmost of the parcels are from WhatsApp Plus; if we recall history, WhatsApp-Plus was banned by the original WhatsApp operation.

    This volition of WhatsApp permits us to change and alter the designs and characteristics according to us.

    Features of GB WhatsApp Download Apk

    The most instigative point of GB WhatsApp is supporting colourful accounts in the same operation. The company allows to buy of the themes and updates them. Whether you're Chinese, Spanish, Hindi, or English, it supports several languages including Hindi.

    • Secured sequestration
    • Bus Reply point
    • Active status can be hiding
    • Cool stickers from google play
    • Double ticks on the communication delivery can be slashed
    • Blue ticks show that communication had been read. they can be slashed
    • Last seen can be hidden from the named connections
    • 35 characters for naming group
    • WhatsApp status can be saved
    • The status of the connections can be copied
    • Supports every type of train
    • Supports 255- character length for status while regular WhatsApp allows 139 characters.
    • can shoot the broadcast to 600 people rather of 250
    • Named status can be copied
    • Click on any link without saving several senders
    • Separate average and broadcast dispatches
    • Using the operation, one can call from the phone connections also
    • . Can change the style of ticks & style of bubbles
    • Can change any point we want to
    • Pinning of exchanges isn't confined to 3
    • can show the tabs for the connections in different style options
    • Can shoot up videotape to 50 MB
    • Can shoot clips of audio to 100 MB, not 16
    • The limit of transferring 30 images is increased up to 90 images at a time.
    • While copying dispatches can hide the date and name.
    • Can change the theme.
    • Can hide recording status
    • 7 twinkles duration of status videotape
    • Stylish icons to launch
    • Can connect WhatsApp on the computer through WhatsApp web
    • Point for data backup
    • Can enable WhatsApp
    • Can hide the typing status
    • Huge collection of GIFs
    • A log is also handed
    • Schedule of the communication given
    • Have update that can not be a ban
    • Can fix the bugs.
    • In a group converse, one can intimately reply to the group members.

    Benefits of the Rearmost GB WhatsApp Apk Version

    One can have binary accounts on the same operation. One can hide our active status. Participating train sizes and several filmland contemporaneously is a veritably advanced point that saves our time and energy. We can apply watchwords to the connections we don't want to display on our main WhatsApp screen.

    Can hide the exchanges and dispatches. Can cancel dispatches on both sides. Downloading others’ statuses is the most significant point; one can download our favourite statuses. Those whom we don't want to see our last seen can be banned widely. Can upload further extended videotape status, and one can make, produce, and modernize the theme as well.

    We can copy the status. Can shoot longer voice clips. Can set typing and recording status. Multiple collections of emojis, stickers, and a variety of GIFs. For WhatsApp vids, you can also use another app to play them. All the benefits, it gives a guarantee of a sequestration policy.

    GBPlus prevents the protection of the vital information of the stoner from getting blurted and being a fraud. Information of IP addresses, from which service the internet is handed, links count, and all other types of log lines are used to guide the website, check the people’s conditioning, and several druggies. And this information isn't blurted. It also follows the rights of sequestration by CCPA and GDPR.


    It isn't denied that GB WhatsApp pro download is one of the stylish operations of WhatsApp. Compare to sanctioned operations, and it provides fascinating and compatible features and different functions.

    But still, it’s just a volition to the sanctioned operation. Its most important point is to use it with the sanctioned App, which means we can connect with the people who are using the sanctioned operation. But its disadvantages can't be ignored. The banned accounts from GB WhatsApp Download notify that it isn't dependable but the nonstop updates from its inventors like XDA and HeyMods are making sure it stays secure!

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  • Lucid dreaming: How-to, benefits, and risks

    From the perspective of a dream psychologist, what are dreams?

    “Symbols and archetypes are utilized as a language of choice” to explain to our inner self what we couldn’t communicate in our daily lives. This is because we all have social conventions, beliefs, anxieties, and other barriers to self-awareness. Psychologists believe that seeing yourself and your desires in a dream state is a method to remove all of life’s baggage based on interpretations. According to dreams dictionary, when you’re dreaming, you appear to have a more balanced perspective on life than when you’re awake.

    What do you do if you don’t know what your dream means?

    It’s vital to note that you don’t use the dream. It’s tough to describe the visuals you saw in your dream to someone else when telling them about it. However, putting your dream into words to convey the experience you had while sleeping is simple. So when you talk about your dream, you’re talking about the things you saw while sleeping. The language of the dream is a type of interpretation that focuses on the specifics. With that in mind, it’s easy to assume that it doesn’t matter where the visuals in your dream came from, whether they came from a greasy pizzeria or a brain activity.

    Dream interpretation is a highly personalized practice. Some dreams have the same sign but distinct interpretations based on your actual circumstances. A house with peeling paint, according to dream psychologists, may suggest a desire for outside improvement, but the actual improvement is up to you. It is recommended that you have a dream journal with you to discern the pattern of your subconsciousness and the message it is attempting to convey in the future.

    According to dream psychologists, how do you analyze your dream?

    When you have a dream, according to Pagano, a famous dream psychologist, it is critical to evaluate the dream by carefully examining everything that is happening in the dream, who is present, and the location where the dream scene occurs. Then it’s time to think about how you regularly interact with others and what sentiments the dream evokes in you.

    When you’re dreaming and see individuals you know, try to imagine how they’re acting and how they seem. Do you think they’re arrogant, proud, or overbearing, or do you think they’re both? Whatever it is that you discover, it is a shadow aspect of yourself. It’s also crucial to know where the dream is taking place. If you have a dream where you are in a school setting or at home, attempt to figure out what the dream implies, especially if it is a home. If you are at home, determine whether you are at your home, a friend’s home, or a foreign home. The dream is usually a reflection of what is going on in your daily life.

    When dreams recur, what does it mean?

    Recurring dreams should be treated carefully since your subconscious is attempting to communicate with you. According to Goodin, a dream psychologist, A reoccurring dream indicates that something in your life is unsolved. If you write down your dream and try to understand it, you might be able to uncover a psychological obstacle or a lingering conflict that requires your attention.

    Is it wrong to have lucid dreams?

    Are you one of the people who believe that lucid dreaming is harmful to your health? Do you think you’re going nuts if you have a lot of these kinds of dreams? Is it going to make you lose touch with reality in any way? You’re not the only one who’s been thinking about the effects of lucid dreaming. The good news is that experiencing such dreams isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    Is there any proof that lucid dreaming is harmful?

    According to various academics, there is no evidence to link lucid dreaming to any mental condition. Lucid dreaming has been connected to resilience, and the ability to maintain equilibrium throughout and after traumatic situations has been described as lucid dreaming. Lucid dreaming is utilized in professional settings to help people cope with nightmares, and psychologists consider it a form of psychological growth that also allows for problem-solving.

    So, given the preceding, why do some people still believe that lucid dreaming is harmful? It may be simply because some journalists get their information wrong. Consider an article in the New York Times magazine about Mr. Jared Loughner being a lucid dreamer; it was a tragic example of biassed and fear-mongering journalism. The anxiety could be more profound, stemming from people’s instinctive mistrust of lucid dreamers and some dream psychologists grabbing headlines with metaphors that agitate people.

    Is lucid dreaming considered a mental disorder?

    Where did the idea that lucid dreaming is linked to mental illness come from? If you want to learn more, you’ll notice that both lucid dreamers and dementia sufferers show evidence of perceiving the unexpected by those around them. It’s a type of hallucination known as hypnagogic hallucinations. These are images that emerge at different times of the day, such as when you wake up and go to sleep. As a result of arousal issues, people with mental illnesses may experience lucid hypnagogic. It is an early indication of Schizophrenia to see things at the start of sleep, which usually occurs before one has Schizophrenia.

    As delirium, lucid dreaming

    Another reason most people think lucid dreaming is unpleasant is because doctors compare paranoid delusional patients to people who exist between sleep and wakefulness. In recent days, researcher Allen Hobson, who believes that dreaming is delirium, and another Harvard doctor, Patrick McNamara, who feels that dreaming is an act of violence because of the unpleasant content in the dream, have bolstered this image. Patrick McNamara also highlighted the possibility that lucid dreams can lead to psychosis. Our brain mechanisms are thought to control dreaming, a disorder of social hostility, and waking hallucinations.

    What is the link between lucid dreaming and illness?

    Sleep apnea, insomnia, and narcolepsy are all associated with lucid hypnagogia in some way. When you’re suffering a common ailment like malaria or influenza, you’re more likely to have lucid dreams. Hyperarousal can be caused by post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety disorders, which can increase the number of nightmares you have, and this is when you can link your lucid dreaming to sickness.

    What do the ramifications of lucid dreaming look like?

    When you’re lucid dreaming, you get the impression that you’re losing contact with reality, which most people who have these kinds of dreams are concerned about. A lucid dreaming scenario is one in which you feel awake but are dreaming at the same time. The sensation arises as a result of an abrupt awakening following a lucid dream. You’re in a dreamland situation, then all of a sudden, you’re awake and, in reality, in your bed, making the dream seem all too real. You will still have the sensation that your dream was genuine till you get out of bed.

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  • GBWhatsApp is a MOD of an Android application, based on WhatsApp Plus that permits communication with your contacts, including new features. This is a modification of the original application developed by a third party without the permission of the rightful owner. It can not be directly downloaded you have to choose other resources like webs. 

    GBWhatsApp MOD has been truly fruitful as it consolidates some additional capacities that have been truly requested by the client local area and that haven't been remembered for any authority renditions to the date, for example, the alternative to utilize two telephone numbers simultaneously or progressed security choices to conceal our status or our last seen time.

    Characteristic of GBWhatsApp MOD:

    Here are some key characteristics of the GBWhatsApp that make it the best choice over the official App.


    • Better Privacy options: GBWhatsApp has included lots of new privacy options like  
    • Hiding Typing
    • Hiding Blue Ticks
    • Hiding Second Tick
    • Notification: If you are worried that you will miss an important message, then you can use this feature. After enabling this feature, you will receive pop-up notifications on your screen. Thus, you can see every message with the help of this feature.


      1. Deadset against Deletion: This feature permits you to peruse that message even after the message is erased by the sender. The equivalent goes for Statuses also. You can see your contacts' statuses even they were erased before 24 hours however those statuses won't be erased for you. Following 24 hours those statuses will be eliminated naturally.
      2. Language Support: In GBWhatsApp you can change the default language to any of the given languages. This feature helps those clients who can't comprehend the English language.


    • Theme Store: GBWhatsApp mod is given a theme store that has countless excellent and stunning topics. You can choose any of the given subjects and use them in your application.
    • Last Seen Setting: GBWhatsApp MOD permits you to freeze your last seen with the goal that nobody can know the specific time of your last seen.
    • Status Features: By utilizing GBWhatsApp MOD, you don't have to download any outside status saver. You simply need to choose the status you need to save in the gallery and pick the download button beneath in the status.


    Related App: YOWhatsApp Download

    Installation of GBWhatsApp MOD: To have the option to introduce GBWhatsApp on your telephone, the primary thing we prescribe you to do is to take backup of your conversation. You can do as such from the application, from the settings > Chats > Backup’s menu. You can store the chats or on Google Drive however in case you will utilize GBWhatsApp or some other MOD, you can just reestablish restricted backup. Google Drive doesn't work with WhatsApp MODs.

    The next step is to download the GBWhatsApp. This MOD isn't accessible on Google Play so you'll need to download it from an external website. 

    Whenever you've downloaded the APK file, open it from the framework warnings squeezing Open or from your cell,s download organizer by basically tapping the file. Then, hit the Install button in the base right corner of your screen.

    When the installation has been completed, press Open to dispatch the application immediately.

    Then Accept Terms & Conditions and continue

    Register your number. Remember that in case you're as of now utilizing the official WhatsApp form with a similar number, the last will quit working. If you have a subsequent employable number and you design it in this application, you can utilize two distinct WhatsApp accounts, along these lines, you will not have to eliminate the official WhatsApp to utilize this MOD.

    Affirm that the number entered is right and press OK

    To complete the number check measure, you can concede GBWhatsApp authorizations to peruse the substance of the SMS messages you get. Press Not Now assuming you need to hinder this authorization to compose the code physically in the subsequent stage or continue assuming you need to concede that consent as we have portrayed.

    After this Confirm to allow read messages

    You'll get a message with a number code. dependent on your decision in the past point, you'll need to type the number physically into the case for such reason or the application will identify the number, entering it naturally.

    Now, GBWhatsApp will likely caution you that you can import your backup from Google Drive. Despite what it might appear, this feature doesn't work with WhatsApp MODs, thusly, there's no point attempting, as you'll be taken to the accompanying notice. Press Ok, Got It to skip progression.


    At long last, type in your profile name and a photograph that your contacts can see. You're presently prepared to visit utilizing your new customer.

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  • How to Choose Snowboard Bindings | REI Co-op

    Choosing the right snowboard bindings can be a daunting task. There are so many different types of bindings to choose from, and it's hard to know which ones will work best for you.

    If you're not sure what type of binding is best for your riding style, I've got some help for you! I'll walk through the pros and cons of each type of binding below.

    These are good if you like to ride in the park or freestyle terrain where quick response time is key. They give more control over your board than other types of bindings because they don't require any adjustment once on your foot.

    However, these bindings can be difficult to get into when you're wearing larger boots.

    In the meantime, if you’re planning to buy a Landyachtz Dinghy, read more for landyachtz dinghy review and get a brief detail about this longboard.

    Park or Freestyle

    These bindings are the lightest option available. They are simple to get into, lightweight, and give riders a huge range of motion.

    These don't provide any ankle support, so they aren't recommended for riding in rough terrain or at high speeds. Many freeride or powder snowboarders choose these bindings because they offer good shock absorption.

    These bindings have a few different strap options that allow you to customize your ride.

    They give a bit more support than freestyle bindings and can be a good option for freeride terrain, where you don't need the quick response time of a high-end park binding.


    These bindings provide a good mix of freestyle and all-mountain performance. They are lightweight, easy to get into, and provide enough support for riders doing jumps or riding groomers.

    These aren't the best option if you want to ride powder (for that check out Burton's new Step On system), but they are a good middle ground for riders who have a mix of terrain on their local mountain.


    With a stiffer flex, these bindings are a good choice for riders who spend more time on groomers or not in the park. With a higher level of support and a little extra weight, they can be great for long trips up the mountain.

    These bindings aren't recommended if you like to ride with loose boots (for example with your snowboard boots worn with your ski boots) because it can be difficult to get them on.

    If you do choose this type of binding, make sure they are compatible with your boot size and style.

    Flex Rating

    This is a good choice for riders who want the convenience of strap-in bindings but need a little more support. They are easy to get into and give riders a good amount of control over their board.

    Types of Snowboard Bindings

    There are two types of snowboarding bindings; strap-in bindings and rear-entry bindings.

    Strap in Bindings

    If you choose a strap-in binding, your boot connects to the board with three or four straps that secure around your foot. The advantage of this type of binding is it is very easy to get into and out of while riding.

    However, they are not the best choice for park riding. Because it is difficult to make strap-in bindings very flexible, you will not get as much performance out of them in the park.

    Rear Entry Bindings

    If you choose a rear entry binding, your boot connects to the board with a clamp that secures around your heel and ankle, similar to a snowboard boot itself.

    The advantage of this type of binding is it has the same flex as your snowboard, which allows you to get more out of your ride.

    The downside is that they are not as easy to take on and off while riding (although some mechanisms allow you to do so).

    Snowboard Binding Components

    Snowboard bindings have a few different components that you should be aware of.

    Snowboard Boot & Binding Compatibility

    How Should Snowboard Bindings Fit My Boots?

    Before purchasing new snowboard bindings, make sure they fit your boots. If the bindings are too big or too small for your boot, it can cause serious injury and even death.

    Any binding that is too small will restrict the blood flow to your feet and cause you immense pain when riding. If you're not in unbearable pain, it's best to be safe and get a larger size.

    If your bindings are too big, they could slip off mid-ride or even come off completely while you are riding.

    Binding Compatibility with Snowboards

    Your bindings should fit your board like a glove. Your bindings should be the same size as the base of your snowboard, although some companies make wider bindings for wider boards.

    When mounting your bindings to your snowboard, you want to make sure that they are straight or slightly angled toward the back of the snowboard. If you mount them facing to the front of your board, it could cause you to slide out while riding and result in terrible injury.

    The Snowboard Binding Channel System

    What is The Channel System

    Channel system is a new mounting system for snowboards and snowboard bindings. Rather than having 4 screws per binding on each side of the board, there is one screw in the center of your board that secures each binding to your board.

    The Channel System has two benefits: It allows you to get more performance out of your ride because the bindings are closer to the board, and it's easier to get your bindings off because there are no screws.

    Re: Flex™ vs EST Bindings

    These bindings give you similar performance to rear entry bindings, but they are much easier and faster to get into.

    One of the biggest selling points for this type of binding is that it has the same flex as your snowboard, allowing you to have more control over your stance while riding.

    The downside is that they are only compatible with certain types of boards, so if you're planning on purchasing new boots or snowboards, you have to make sure that they are compatible.

    How to Mount Channel System Snowboard Bindings

    Now that you know all about the channel system, it's time to learn how to mount them.

    Before you begin, make sure your board is not in your stand and that your bindings are closed.

    Then, put a screw into the hole in the middle of your snowboard. Make sure there is enough room on either side for your bindings and that it is secure.

    Now, slide your binding onto the screw and align it to the board. Make sure you have around .5-1 inch of space on either side of your boot.

    Channel System Binding Compatibility

    Many different companies use The Channel system today, but for the most part, it is predominantly burton bindings. Make sure you do your research when buying these bindings so that they will fit your board.


    So, now that you know all about the Channel System and how to mount your bindings, get out there and have a great ride!

    At last, a description for a snowboard binding. This article already assumes the reader knows all about "flex" ratings and other bindings, so if you need to know more about those you will have to read up on them elsewhere.

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  • It's not difficult to say that iPhone Emojis are fantastic but what happens do you do if you prefer the selection available on Android devices? You'll still be able to view iPhone Emojis on Android. This is fantastic news for those who are making the transition between iPhone and Android and want to access the emojis you love most.

    Although you can use rooting on your Android device by using an app such as Magisk Manager, there are simpler ways. From the import of iOS Emoji fonts or using a keyboard like the iPhone that will bring you more like iPhone Emoji experience, without rooting.

    Download Emoji Font 3 APK

    Emoji Font 3 isn't an official application on the Google Play Store, so you'll need to follow the steps to install the app from other sources. It's an alternative method of importing iOS apps without having to root your phone. It's also among the best ways to display iPhone Emojis on Android without making any significant changes.

    How To View iPhone Emojis on Android Emoji Font?

    It's important to note that this might not be compatible with most Android versions. It is also best when you've got Gboard installed, but it works with other keywords, too.

    Once you've downloaded, installed, and downloaded and installed iPhone Emoji & IOS Emoji Apk, go to "Settings > Display> > Font." Select your iOS Emoji Font from the selection. This process will differ depending on the version of your Android version; However, it should be in the display settings.

    Utilize Emoji Fonts for Flip Font

    This option is only available on certain devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy and HTC Sense devices. Like the other alternative, Emoji Fonts for Flip Font alters the emoji font so that you can view iPhone emojis for Android.

    How To View iPhone Emojis on Android Emoji Fonts?

    There are several versions to choose from Emoji Fonts to Flip Font 10 being one of the most current. Explore each version to find out what works best on your device and is closest to the font you're searching for.

    Be aware that this application has ads and numerous people have reported that they are too intrusive.

    Use the same Chat Client as well as Keyboard App

    If you're trying to view iPhone Emojis on Android however all you see is a random icon such as a question mark or X, whenever you receive an iPhone person sends an emoji to you it could be due to an old operating system or the availability of Unicode support. Unicode can help translate Emojis (among many other items) across different operating systems.

    How To View iPhone Emojis on Android Same?

    A way to prevent this problem is to make use of the same chat client or keyboard application. If you're using the identical version, you won't be able to view the emojis of each other, even if one user is using iOS and the other using Android.

    Even though WhatsApp, as well as Facebook Messenger, are both popular options but other options are more secure for those who are concerned about privacy or simply would like to quit Facebook to the side.

    Older Android devices, mostly pre-Android 6.0 might not be able to support the latest emojis but. You may encounter problems even if someone gives you a more recent Android Emoji.

    Select a Keyboard App

    The final alternative is to use the keyboard application that is compatible with iPhone Emojis. This allows you to view iPhone Emojis on Android and also send compatible emojis to iPhone users. This is even better when you're with the same keyboard software.

    How To View iPhone Emojis on Android Keyboard?

    The app won't offer the same emojis that you can find on iOS however, you will be close. Also, it won't let you when you are viewing the latest iOS Emojis if there's not an appropriate Android version.

    The most frequently used keyboard applications are:

    • Gboard
    • Kika Keyboard
    • FancyKey
    • Swiftkey

    If you want to use the same keyboard application that you use with your iOS colleagues, some of these app’s work with both.

    Create Root for Your Device

    In the introduction, Magisk Manager is one of the most effective ways to see iPhone Emojis on Android. It guides you through the procedure of rooting your device in case you're not comfortable with the process, don't try it.

    Once you've rooted your device you can use an emoji switcher application. This lets you change to the emoji sets of some popular platforms including iOS. Emoji Switcher and Emoji Switcher are two alternatives.

    It's not easy to look at iPhone Emojis on an Android device, however, using any of these options will assist you in viewing the same emojis, or even use an identical set.

    Be aware that you cannot just import emojis directly from iPhone, but you can also use iOS applications on Android.

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