• The Shocking Revelation of Psalm 91

    Have you ever heard the scary words from the Book of Psalms? Have you ever wondered at what point did God decide to kill all those people just for not listening to his word? The words in this book are rather graphic, to say the least. The writer makes it a point to detail the different kinds of tortures that the people underwent. In fact, the reader will be able to identify with the people described in these scriptures. The writer has done his best to make the reader shed a tear or two over the individual's torments.


    The majority of Christians have been taught to believe that the Rapture is coming any day now. Some prefer to keep their belief a secret so that they can enjoy the present while the world spins beneath their feet. Others would prefer to preach the Rapture message as loud and as clear as possible to as many people as possible. If these Christians want to accomplish anything in life, it is important for them to make sure that they only speak to as many people as possible.


    Those who hold false hope will be greatly disappointed. The author of this book has gone against all of the false teachings that he has grown up with. He has dared to stand on principle. The truth about the Rapture comes when we fully understand that Christ is the Lord. We have been promised that we will see Jesus in glory, and we will also see our Master rise from the grave.


    People who read this book will be excited about seeing Jesus and will eagerly wait for His arrival. This is because they have been taught that heaven is waiting for His followers, and they are His army. The book of Psalm 91 is telling us that heaven is waiting for His loyal army. They are His people waiting to protect us from our enemy.


    The writer knows that there will be losses along the way, but he also realizes that we have an opportunity to get back on the right path. Many Christians make the mistake of thinking that they are on the right path when they have setbacks such as this. The author knows better, and he writes it in such a way that the reader can understand what he is saying.


    God has blessed us with ten thousand angels to protect us while we are on earth. He has also reserved a place for each of us in heaven. The author knows that we need to guard the day of Jesus and have our confidence in Him. The book of Psalm is a precious jewel that can help us to keep our faith strong.


    Jesus chose to do two things. He said that we would not be thrown away. Secondly, He gave us a revelation of the future. If we continue to listen to the false teachings of our ancestors, they will not only teach us things that are untrue, but they will try to lead us away from our Lord. Jesus warned us of the Father and the coming struggle between the righteous believer and the serpent.


    If we are not careful, we will walk through life without any understanding of the things that are coming. The day of our Lord is near, and all things which were hidden from our knowledge will be revealed. We will see the evil that is done and the good which He has done. All this is what we need to understand in order to remain true and follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

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