• Buying A Shiatsu Massage Chair – 5 Tips You Need to Know

    Buying a massage chair is an excellent idea for people who live a hectic lifestyle. It allows them to relax and rejuvenate at the comfort of their own home any time after a long day’s work.


    There are many types of massage chairs available in the market but one type that is always highly recommended by massage practitioners and experts is - the Shiatsu massage chairs.


    As its name provides, these chairs are designed to provide shiatsu massage to the user. If you don’t already know, shiatsu is a holistic massage technique originated from Japan where pressure points in the human body are targeted to ease and treat a number of ailments. Not just for pain relief, one will find themselves with a healthier body in the long run if they are to receive shiatsu massage regularly.


    The thing is, massage chairs, shiatsu or not, are not the cheapest. The good news is, they are getting more and more affordable nowadays but still, you should take good care when buying a massage chair. Here are 5 tips that will help ensure you get the best massage chair for your budget:


    1. Massage Options and Techniques

    You will be surprised by just how many chairs there are out there that don’t have the necessary massage options to be called a shiatsu massage chair, yet they claim themselves to be one. We are talking about therapeutic techniques ike kneading, rolling, compression, tapping and percussion. So make sure that you check that the chair has these functions.


    If you don’t know the difference, here’s some guidelines:

    ·         Kneading: should feel as if there are two hands kneading and rubbing your back alternately;

    ·         Rolling: as if someone is pressing the sdies of your spine, also alternately;

    ·         Compression: feels like firm palms are pressing the back and sides of your spine;

    ·         Percussion: imitates the rapid tapping of a human fist on your back.


    A shiatsu massage recliner is generally quite expensive, so make sure you get the real deal instead of just some kind of general vibration.


    2. Test It Personally

    If you have the chance, we certainly recommend you going into the store to test out the chair you want. Not just to make sure that the specs are as they claim to be i.e. the rollers imitate the hand movements of a professional masseur, but also to test if the chair fits your size.


    You see, some chairs have their seat set quite low to the ground. This could be quite uncomfortable after awhile if you are taller than 6 feet. So sit in one for at least twenty to thirty minutes to find out if you really like the speed, strength and movements of the chair, whether they cover your vital areas and whether they can hit the right spot.


    3. Footrest

    Often, this is an aspect neglected by many, especially if this is the first time they are buying a massage chair. Contrary to many’s belief, massage recliners do not necessarily come with a footrest. This can get quite uncomfortable if you have sat in them for some time so if you can, we advise going for a shiatsu massage recliner that comes with a raised footrest or ottoman.


    A good massage chair should give you full recline option and for some of the best massage chairs, there’s even foot and calf massagers inbuilt in them. These are the best, as you truly get a full body massage in them.


    4. Durability and Warranties

    Given this is not a cheap purchase, one would expect their massage chair to last a very long time. The best massage chairs come with the longest warranties (we’re talking at least 5 years, with many offering much longer than that) and this is the type you should be looking for, especially considering the amount you are paying for it.


    Although not a determinative aspect, the warranty period offered is often a good indicative of the durability and quality of a massage chair. It is safe to presume that the longer a warranty period is offered, the more reliable and durable a massage recliner is. This is because it shows that the manufacturer is confident enough with their products, else they will not offer such a long period of warranty. So compare different brand warranties, and make sure that the one you get has at least a few good years of warranty.


    5. Customer and After Sale Service

    Lastly, do not miss out this part. Customer service and responsiveness are good indicators of the quality of a massage chair as that reflects the brand image overall. It also shows how much support and after-sale service you will get in the event some kind of malfunction happens to your massage chair.


    Speaking of which, it is worthy to find out beforehand the costs of repairs and spare parts. Also ask how and where you can get your massage recliner repaired in the case of a breakdown. Is there in-home service or a service center you can go to? If shipping it back is the only option, how will shipping cost be handled? These are helpful to know when deciding which massage chair to go for.


    You want to find the best deal on your massage chair that meets your requirements. You certainly don’t want one that gives you trouble after trouble, after having spent all that money. So follow these 5 guidelines – they will help filter out all the inferior ones, ensuring you get the best massage chair in your budget.

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