• 5 Benefits of Hatha Yoga on Our Nervous System

    Everyone is engrossed in the daily chores of life. We remain too much occupied in various tasks everyday and forget to take care of our personal health and mental wellness. The dire need of professionalism and competence has taken its toll. It has taken away our physical, mental and spiritual health from us. In my Hatha yoga teacher training, I delved deep into the science of Hatha yoga.

    Yoga is considered as the most substantial meditation method in order to cope up with various diseases. Hatha Yoga is an austere form of Yoga which was primarily originated on the borders of India and Nepal. The actual Hatha Yogis are Hindus who consider it a marvelous way of mental calmness and tranquility. This exceptional way of yoga inspires the yogis to channelize their thoughts into positivity and to enhance their physical capabilities. Hatha yoga helps to cure all sorts of physiological, intellectual and physical issues. The impact of this particular yoga type on nervous system is fascinating.

    Cure of Neurological disorders

    Hatha Yoga can be utilized to control several neurological disorders. Theories suggest that epileptic patients with abnormal brain activity respond better to hath yoga than the anti seizures medications in certain cases. Similarly, a massive number of people around the world suffer from different types of strokes which lead to physical disabilities. The sufferers of stroke take a long time for rehabilitation. Many medicines prove to be a failure for the rehabilitation process of strokes patients but Hatha yoga is most significant for the rehabilitation of stroke patients.

    Better Sleep hours

    Hatha Yoga is directly proportional to the peace and harmony. Sleep deprivation and many awakening shots are common in all sorts of people in the present times. This probably is because of depression, stress and anxiety issues. Hatha Yoga normalizes your sleep cycle and improves the quality of your sleep. Researches show that several postures of this practice helps to enhance the production of sleep hormone. Hence, larger the production of melatonin (sleep hormone) better the sleep quality.

    Composure and Discipline

    Hatha Yoga primarily focuses on the mental health of yogis. Metal health is sometimes interconnected with the physical postures. Any particular pose of Hatha Yoga helps the yogis to experience the atrocities and to come out of their comfort zone. This builds a sense of self control and composure in them. A massive number of people can’t cope up with their physical cravings. Many rehabilitation centers try to take them out of this filth but they remain unable to deal with it. The best way to deal with your physical cravings is to meditate. It not only enhances your control on self but also infuses a fabulous feeling of peace in your mind. People can get rid of alcohol, smoking and other drugs with the help of Hatha Yoga.

    Depression and Anxiety 

    Depression, stress and anxiety generally occur when there is a contradiction between the consciousness of human brain and the universal laws. The spiritual synergy and mental wellness can be obtained through Hatha Yoga. Cortisol is the hormone which is responsible for stress in humans. Hatha Yoga reduces the production of this hormone which provides a relief.

    In addition to this, the fundamental reason of breakups around the world is nothing but lack of self discipline and patience. Hatha Yoga amplifies the attribute of patience in the yogis which helps them to deal with all sorts of shackles in their way in the best possible manner. Moreover, it also manifests the path of positivity. Positivity eradicates all forms of complications in relationships. This definitely is possible when a perfect meditation is being provided to your nerves

    Stimulation of Para Sympathetic Nervous system

    Autonomic nervous system is responsible to control all the activities taking place in human body. Autonomic nervous system comprises two parts:

    1) Sympathetic nervous system

    2) Para Sympathetic nervous system

    Sympathetic nervous system is the part of autonomic nervous system which deals with immediate threatening situations. A large amount of hormones are released when we undergo a problematic situation. These hormones stimulate the rate of breathing and the circulation of blood according to the circumstances. Same is the case with fears, phobias, troubles in life and other worries which stimulate our sympathetic nervous system.

    In opposition to the sympathetic nervous system, the Para sympathetic nervous system helps to normalize the conditions. It lowers the blood pressure and tends to stabilize the blood circulation.

    Hatha Yoga stimulates the Para Sympathetic nervous system which instills a sense of calmness in body. The sympathetic and para sympathetic nervous system are specifically designed to maintain equilibrium in body. When a yogi controls his breath during Asana, the blood pressure lowers and the para sympathetic nervous system stimulates, leading towards better sleep and low stress.

    If you are stressed up due to hectic routine and want a relief, Hatha Yoga can be the best remedy.

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