• Still Photography - Things you need to know


    Want to expand your portfolio of photos and improve your skills? This guide explains why still photography is a good choice, and how to do it.

    What do you need to know to become a better photographer? 

     Whatever the reason, you want to take better pictures. But photography is more complicated than just pressing a button. With all the details here, where should you start?

     Our Photography 101 guide explores different topics you should know, as well as great ways to learn. 

    Life is still a different kind of photography. One thing that makes it so special is that the topics are usually not very appealing. It's just normal things you wouldn't pay much attention to.

    That means that in order to be successful in photography, you need to find ways to make your photos interesting. That also means it's a great photography style to learn new skills.

    By experimenting with different arrangements, lighting, and songs, health artists can breathe life into their lessons.


     This life photography guide will tell you everything you need to know to get started.


    Photography 101: What should you know?


    Navigation, Depth and Sound



    It's light

    Image processing



    What Is Life in Photography?

    You're probably familiar with artistic life still - those paintings depicting a bowl of fruit or flowers in a vase. Those are classic examples of still life. But even if you already know the concept, you may not know exactly what makes a living healthy.


    The biggest benefit given to life is still the freedom to organize things any way you want. Still life pictures follow the same philosophy. Much emphasis is placed on the system of materials, lighting, and molding. That makes it a great kind of experiment and can help you become a better photographer.

    In short, life has become a work of art focused on inanimate subjects. Usually, lessons are normal. That may include man-made objects (such as flowers, jewelry, and consumer products) and natural objects (such as plants, food, rocks and shells).

    Different Types of Life Photography

    Life pictures still cover various stages. Here are just a few:

    Tabletop Photography

    Tablet photography is the most common way of life. That is what most people think of when they hear about photography being alive and well. This section is about shooting small enough items on the table. Things can be anything the photographer desires, as long as they are unhealthy.

    Photography Food

    Food pictures are another part of the lifestyle and still are closely related to product photos. Usually, the main purpose is to display the food in an attractive way. However, as far as product photography is concerned, food photography is often more involved and involves setting up the situation by organizing other food items and tableware around the subject.

     Product Photos

    Another example is product photography. Since it involves firing inanimate objects, it can be considered a form of life still. However, where the two categories are different is that by taking photos of a product, the main purpose is to show the product.

     These models are usually focused on providing a clear image of the product without interruptions. In contrast, still life shots are sometimes artfully driven and offer many creative opportunities.

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